20 nov. 2006

Testo pri mia personeco

Jen rezulto de testeto kiun mi respondis pri mia personeco. Ĝia temo estis; kiun diecon vi adoras? Ĉu ĝi povas esti vera pri mi? Mi ne scias...!

What Divinity do you worship?
Your Result: You worship KNOWLEDGE

The divinity of Knowledge was created to guide man in advancements in their machines and understanding of the physical world. Knowledge gives his gift reluctantly, having seen the havoc man can cause with enough comprehension of a concept. The appearance of this Divinity is an elderly man, not frail, but robust in his age, with piercing eyes. His dress is often completely inconspicuous, as has been noted in clothing of all sorts and periods.

The believers of Knowledge are very ill at ease with emotion and often shy away from personal interaction outside of academic discussion. This often leads to interpersonal interactions being traumatic when allowed to progress. Being human, though, they often gravitate towards this. They are drawn towards puzzles and mental challenges, and revel in learning new skills. Woe be it to any man who crosses a worshiper of Knowledge; vengeance shall be inventive, painful, and impressive. Knowledge is aligned with Order.

You worship KINDNESS
You worship FATE
You worship DEATH
You worship WAR
You worship CRUELTY
You worship LIFE
What Divinity do you worship?
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