13 juin 2007

Ekzemplo por komparo

Today I decided to write something in English to see how correctly I can write in this language. Also I intend to give you an actual example for comparing the level of my usual Esperanto with this writing in English; maybe then you can judge by yourself that how easier Esperanto can be. First of all I must say that here I will try to write as much as possible correctly. My mother tongue is Persian. I began to study English in the middle level school (in Iran before university one studies in three levels; elementary - 5 years, middle - 3 years, and high school - 4 years). I continued to study English in the university and if I want to count it, overall I studied this language for around 12 years. And finally here I am! This is how much I learned the mother tongue of many of you.

If you find many mistakes in this text, don’t laugh at me. I assure you, you wouldn't be much better if you had to learn Persian.

1 commentaire:

zooplah a dit...

I'm a native English speaker and I'd never laugh at someone trying to speak my language. Part of that, I feel, is due to the fact that I have learned Esperanto and thus know how difficult and inflexible English is (in comparison).

However, your sample is very good and I don't think it would make anyone laugh. It's maybe a bit more formal than people would use in everyday speech, but still people not looking for things like that wouldn't notice anything strange.