29 févr. 2008


Some people are stupid. They are deeply stupid…

Because of cold weather, in Canada usually doors close automatically when they are not held. And for this reason I usually watch my back when I cross the doors. If somebody comes behind me, I keep the door open till the next person’s hand reaches its handle or at least its frame. If I don’t do so, the door will go directly to the face of that person. The problem though is that some people even don’t bother themselves to stretch their hands and hold the door for themselves. In these times, I will be trapped because I can not leave the door and free the way. Also I can not stay there because people want to pass.

Yes! Some people are stupid… And I am one of them.

1 commentaire:

zooplah a dit...

I wouldn't say some people are stupid. I'd say all people are stupid, in one way or another. So, don't feel bad :)